Get the Most Out of Your Policy With Whole Life 101!

We understand the statements from life insurance companies are not always clear and helpful to you. This course will help you understand your whole life policy better and learn how it can benefit you for the rest of your life!

You already own Whole Life Insurance. What now?

  • Master the ins and outs of your Whole Life policy
  • Understand why life insurance is a great place to store cash!
  • Learn how to read a life insurance or "in force" illustration
  • See the big picture of how Whole Life works within the life insurance industry
  • Find out which payment option is best for you
  • Know the "best practices" for borrowing against your policy (and when not to!)
  • Understand exactly how Whole Life differs from "similar" policies
  • Break down the costs associated with your policy
  • Understand how dividends work and the best options for you
  • Familiarize yourself with the language of life insurance
  • Know how to generate income with your policy later in life
  • Understand how to make strategic use of your own death benefit!

When you complete this course, you will understand the value of your policy and how to get the most out of it!

(your one-time purchase comes with lifetime access!)

Inside Look: Whole Life Insurance 101

Module 1

  • The Best Place For Your Cash
  • How Much to Save And When
  • Breaking Down the Costs
  • Illustrations: Life Insurance & In Force
  • Borrowing Against a Policy

Module 2

  • The Life Insurance Industry
  • The Language of Life Insurance
  • The Truth About Whole Life Insurance
  • How Cash Value Grows
  • My Favorite Acronym C.L.U.E.

Module 3

  • Sharing Whole Life
  • Using Cash Value Later in Life
  • Creating More Money in Retirement
  • Make Strategic Use of Your Own Death Benefit
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Easy & engaging lessons you can take on the go...

Whole Life Insurance 101 was designed with your busy life in mind.

You already have a world of responsibilities to tend to, mastering your Whole Life Insurance policy doesn’t need to be another chore. 

Our self-paced modules can be watched at home or on the go with your smartphone. You can watch and re-watch any video on your own time.

Once you have completed the 3 course modules, you’ll have the opportunity to test your knowledge with a short quiz!

Meet your Instructor - Kim D. H. Butler

Best-selling author of Live Your Life Insurance and Busting The Life Insurance Lies (as well as other titles), Kim is an often-interviewed expert on whole life insurance strategies.

Kim Butler has shunned common financial products such as stocks, bonds, savings accounts and CDs in favor of creative life insurance strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.”

Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC, Kim also co-hosts The Prosperity Podcast.

Ready to get the most out of your whole life insurance?

Master your wealth building today with whole life insurance 101!

(your one-time purchase comes with lifetime access!)